Storage Facilities

Secure home and commercial storage facilities located in Central Connecticut.

Admiral Self-Stor sign“The more you have, the more you have to have to take care of the things you have.”

Most of us know firsthand that this is true! “Stuff” – whether personal or business-related – adds up. And often, we are left with the responsibility of finding somewhere to store it all. If belongings and tools have begun to take over your home or office, the time may be upon you for a change in your storage strategy! But where do you start?

Admiral Moving & Storage can help. With our two secure storage facilities in central Connecticut, and over 50 years of experience in moving and storage, we can provide the details you need to make informed storage decisions for your office or home.


Commercial Storage

Your company records and inventory are tools that pave the path to business success. But what good are tools if you can’t access them when you need them?

Office space is valuable, and no one wants to have to wade through mountains of paperwork or mazes of boxes in order to find and use a specific file or piece of equipment. Efficiency equips your company for success, so when it comes to overflowing storerooms, cramped offices, unorganized inventory or piled up documentation, commercial storage is the perfect solution.

At Admiral Moving & Storage, we securely store your records and inventory, so that when you need them, you’ve got them. No closed offices, no buried papers! You have easy access to your storage at one of our two central Connecticut facilities.

From a straightforward inventory storehouse to vaulted records protection and climate-controlled storage for susceptible materials, Admiral’s commercial storage services have countless benefits:

  • Off-site records storage
  • Insurance available
  • Vital records protection
  • Greater accuracy in filing and file retrieval
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Climate-controlled storerooms & vaults
  • Increased office efficiency through improved space usage
  • Cost savings on office space & staff time
Protect your business investments!

Give us a call to find out which storage option would work best for you.


Are your belongings taking over your home? Gathering in every corner and hallway, piling up on desks and overflowing closets?

A home is nothing without its furnishings. Personal items and decorations bring life to an empty structure – but no one wants to see the unique life and style of their home buried because their stuff outgrows their space! Your style deserves to be seen, so don’t let your belongings crowd it out. When your home becomes too small to hold everything you need, think outside the box!

Admiral Moving & Storage has the space to meet your storage needs. Large or small, long-term or temporary, climate-controlled or valuted – your belongings will be safely stored for as long as you require. Our two central Connecticut locations offer a variety of storage options and sizes!

Storage unit benefits:
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • 2 convenient locations
  • Optimized space usage
  • Individual assessment of storage needs
  • Month-to-month rentals
  • Insurance available

Put our expertise to use! Give us a call and have Admiral’s logistics specialists detail the options that would best serve you.